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Mathematics Stream

​​​ Admission Requirements:

  • Afrikaans or English (Home Language or First Additional Language) 4

  • Mathematics 6

  • A 4 in any other subject from the designated list for university admission OR
    Please note:
    If Physics or Chemistry is taken: Physical Science 4

Continued Study Possibilities:
  • This stream leads to an honours programme in Mathematics.
  • If applicable elective modules are taken, then this stream also leads to an honours programme in Applied Mathematics, Biomathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Genetics, Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research and Physics.

First Year Minimum of 132 credits
44 credits from

Second Year Minimum of 133 credits
37 credits from

Third Year Minimum of 133 credits
69 credits from




Science in Context

Scientific Computing

Scientific Computation

PLUS elective modules making up a total of between 88 and 96 credits. Your choice depends on there being no timetable clashes.

PLUS elective modules to a minimum of 64 credits.

PLUS elective modules making up 64 credits of any third year modules that follow on from second year modules. Your choice depends on there being no timetable clashes.


Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics


Computer Science

Computer Science

Probability Theory & Statistics

Mathematical Statistics


Operations Research

​General Linguistics



You can choose additional modules to a maximum of 32 credits from the list below to readch the required credit total. Your choice depends on there being no timetable clashes. Please note that modules in the list below have prerequisite modules that are elective modules in your first year.

​Please note that Operations Reserach is a proposed elective module that currently clashes on the timetable with compulsory modules and can only be taken in exceptional cases and with the permission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

If you have completed your first year before 2016, there are some additional modules on offer as electives in the second and third year. Please consult the Calendar for more information.




General Linguistics