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Postgraduate Studies

​​​​​​​​Why should I consider graduate studies in Mathematics?​

Research in mathematics is marked by
  • originality
  • imagination
  • beauty
  • reasoning
  • the unexpected...​​
It involves space and numbers and the​​​​ way these are understood, spending time building and studying certain patterns and structures, and solving problems which lie at the heart of the subject. These may be built for a particular purpose, namely, to understand and solve a deep mathematical problem, real world problems, or for their elegance.

After thousands of years of mathematical research, one may ask:

Are there still open problems and challenges in mathematics?


Mathematics research is driven by the formulation of intriguing problems and the discovery of creative solutions. Often through finding solutions, or even not being able to solve a problem, one uncovers interesting questions. These often provide insight into problems in areas of application. Sometimes, Mathematics not only leads scientific and technological advances, it also follows them.

Why should I consider graduate studies at Stellenbosch?

Stellenbosch University is situated in a picturesque wine growing region nestled in the mountains, 50 km from Cape Town, South Africa. The small town provides a friendly, informal atmosphere for study and research.

Mathematics forms one division of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. This is the oldest department in the University and has 35 full-time academic staff with active research interests in a range of mathematical disciplines.

Graduate students are provided with office space and the use of computing facilities and mathematical software. Student assistantships are available for graduates interested in being involved in undergraduate tutoring.

There is also a strong interaction with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Muizenberg, which attracts leading international scientists and creates the opportunity for joint activities, as well as broadening the graduate student body in an interesting and exciting way.​

Where are graduates employed?​

Educational sectors, thereby empowering others through teaching them Mathematics; financial institutions; other scientific areas; activities where sharp analytical skills are required.