Centre for Global Surgery
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​​​​​​​​​​​Centre for Global Surgery​​

Current Research

​Our research is framed around health systems strengthening in surgical care, improving decentralised surgical services, and understanding barriers to access to surgical care. Our current projects include:​

Health Systems Strengthening

  • The burden of surgical disease in the Cape Metropole
  • The impact of an orthopaedic district hospital service on tertiary referrals
  • The referral pattern of ophthalmology trauma in the Cape Metropole
  • The impact of emergency care on reducing the need for operative intervention
  • The impact of interfacility transfers on appendectomy outcomes
  • Mapping surgical services in the Cape Metropole 

Decentralised Surgical

  • The contribution of cl​inical associates in public sector referrals
  • The design of a surgical training course for district hospital doctors
  • The most common surgical conditions referred from district hospitals
  • District hospital surgical capacity in South Africa



Access t​o Care  

  • The role of traditional healers in surgical care in the Eastern Cape
  • Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of body altering surgery in rural Rwanda and South Africa
  • mHealth as a means to improve health education of and communication with surgical patients
  • Mapping access and identification of barriers to care for traumatic brain injury and chronic wounds in the Khayelitsha health district​