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ProfResearch Group LeaderProfJosephine
ProfResearch Group
MsPHD ResearcherMsSuzanneSmitinformalgreeneconomy@gmail.com, Research Title: Connecting the urban informal settlement to the city: A systems approach
MrPHD ResearcherMrBenjaminBatingebenjamin@umama-africa.com0788311372, Research Title: Expediting transitions in unmet electricity markets: the case of leapfrogging renewable energy in Africa
MrMasters ResearcherMrGeorge Frederick (Rickus)Cronjerickus@umama-africa.com076 480 1515, Research Title: Renewable Energy as Leapfrogging Technology in Informal Settlements
MsMasters ResearcherMsThereseLuyttherese@umama-africa.com, Research Title: Implications of urbanisation on future domestic waste flows in the City of Cape Town: a System Dynamics Approach
MsMasters ResearcherMsOlufolake AbiolaMakindeolufolake@umama-africa.com, Research Title: Energy Metabolism of Multi-Structured Urban Settlement