Mentor Programme

What is the EDP Mentor Programme?

The overall objective of this program is to offer first-year students on the EDP an additional support structure that will assist them in utilising the support the EDP has to offer and, eventually, to succeed academically. This mentor programme therefore provides first year EDP students with opportunities to discuss their specific circumstances and issues as EDP students with a senior student who has already “been there", and who can serve as a role model for them of what can be achieved on the EDP.

Starting in 2015, every year a group of senior EDP students volunteer to assist new first year EDP students with their integration into the academic institution. After their compulsory training sessions, the new mentors (senior EDP students) conduct weekly sessions with their mentees (first years) focusing on activities aimed at facilitating the mentees' successful adjustment to and integration within the academic community.

Read the Article about the CTL Auxin session ​which was presented​ by Ms Shona Lombard on the 23rd of April 2019, here​. You can also view pictures of the 2015 - current mentors here​.

EDPMentorProgramme4.png2015 mentors​

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