​Context - South Africa's Mental Health Care Needs


​Economically deprived communities in South Africa are typically under-serviced by mental health care professionals despite high rates of psychological distress, mental health problems and substance abuse

Due to a profound shortage of mental health care professionals in South Africa, a large number of individuals who require psychological care do not receive any professional treatment.

Welgevallen Community Psychology Clinic responds to these challenges by utilising the professional and academic expertise and experience of the staff of the Department of Psychology and the resources of Stellenbosch University to:

1. Provide a range of effective psychological services to individuals and families from poor communities in Stellenbosch who would not otherwise have access to psychological care

​2. Plan and implement community-based psychological interventions to address key psycho-social problems faced by economically deprived and historically disadvantaged communities in Stellenbosch

3. Train clinical and counselling psychologists who are equipped to meet the mental health care needs of the country and who have the requisite experience and skills to fulfil their roles as community psychologists

4. Undertake research to identify and document best practice in the provision of effective psychological interventions in community settings in SA.​