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About the Choir

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​The Stellenbosch University Choir held the position of the No.1 mixed amateur choir in the world for 11 years, as rated by Interkultur, the organisers of the World Choir games. The Choir also made clean sweep at the prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales in 2018, winning all three categories in which they participated - Youth Choirs, Mixed Choirs and Open Choirs - all with scores of above 90%. André van der Merwe, conductor of the SU Choir, was awarded the Jayne Davies Prize for Best Conductor at the Eisteddfod. 

The SU Choir is made up of about 100 students from a wide range of academic disciplines at Stellenbosch University. Students come from across a myriad of different backgrounds and communities and represent the full spectrum of South Africa’s diverse population. Under the directorship of Andre van der Merwe the SU Choir has built a national and international reputation as a choir of exceptional excellence that delivers performances celebrated for their rigorous technical accomplishment and the ability to touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. 

The artistic dimension of the choir continues to deepen as it shares the soul of South Africa on both the local and international stage. Stellenbosch University regards the SU Choir as one of its foremost ambassadors of excellence and testament to the power of music to bring about understanding of our world and those who share it with us. The SU Choir is one of South Africa’s most outstanding youth development and choral programmes. For the past 83 years this choir has reflected the changes of our wider society and today stands as a testament to the power of music to bring about diversity and harmony across societal divide. ​