Grade 12 requirements

The minimum entry requirements in grade 12 to be accepted into the BDatSci programme are:

•           NSC or IEB average of 80% based on the six best subjects, excluding Life Orientation

•           Mathematics 80%

•           Home Language 60%

•           If English is not the Home Language, English First Additional Language 75%


What is the difference between BCom Mathematical Sciences & BCom Computer Science degrees with focal area Data Science and BDatSci?

The BCom and BSc degrees are only three-year degree programmes. You need to do a Honours degree after the initial three years. The BCom and BSc degrees do not offer specific Data Science modules in the programme and are more Commerce orientated for BCom and more natural Science orientated for BSc. You can register for a Honours degree in any of the majors of the third year in BCom and BSc.

Can you change from BCom Mathematical Sciences or BSc Computer Science to BDatSci any time?

Depending on what modules you have completed. You will have to register however still for the Data Science modules from year 1. It may mean that you need to study then more than 4 years to complete the degree.

Can you change between BDatSci focal areas?

Yes, provided the minimum modules in that focal area are still followed. It may mean in certain cases that you need to study more than 4 years to complete the compulsory modules for a particular focal area.

Can you switch from BCom Actuarial Science to BDatSci

The easiest to change to BDatSci when you start with BCom Actuarial Science, is after semester 1. The longer you wait the more modules you need to take to catch up on the required BDatSci modules.

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