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​​Past webinars

26-05-2021: Upscaling management and prevention of noncommunicable diseases - exploring the convergence between data science and rehabilitation medicine by Prof Martine Heine, Institue of Sport and Exercise Medicine, faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch. Click here​​ for a video of the presentation.​​​

12-11-2020: Using Benford’s Law to detect bots, social media fraud, but maybe not election fraud by Prof Jen Golbeck, University of Maryland. 

14-10-2020: Modeling and Analysis of Viral Spread under a Multiple-strain Model with Mutations by Prof H Vincent Poor, Michael Henry Strater University Professor at Princeton UniversityClick here​​ for a video of the presentation.​

30-09-2020: Importation and establishment of SARS-CoV-2 in the UK by Dr Louis du Plessis, Department of Zoology, Oxford University. Click here​​ for a video of the presentation.​

​16-09-2020: Brain Sentiment Indicator by Dr Matteo Campellone, Executive Chairman and Head of Research of Brain Company.

10-09-2020: Stellenbosch University​ Hackathon: Data Science Challenge and Solution by Ms Claudia Di Santolo, Mr Ulrich Kotze, Mr Thamu Mnyulwa and Mr Niel van Zyl. Click here​​ for a video of the presentation.​

27-08-2020: Blockchain Incentives for Deep Data Mining by Prof G-J van Rooyen. Click here​​ for a video of the presentation.​

12-08-2020: Supply chain data science: from raw data to business impact by Prof J Grobler. Click here​​ for a video of the presentation.

02-07-2020: “Listening in” on conflict: Data science challenges and opportunities in the assessment of the political economy of conflict​ by Prof Ganson. Click here​​ for a video of the presentation.

19-05-2020: A Rapid Responsible Innovation Tool by Prof Grobbelaar, Dr Meyer and Ms Conning.