Corporate Communication
Welcome to Stellenbosch University


​About Us​​

​​​​Our three communication focus areas inform our efforts: favourably positioning the University’s brand, implementing effective communication programmes, and optimising stakeholder relationship management. We engage continually with our clients, ensuring that our products and services are the outcome of extensive collaboration and co-creation. We add value through specialist communication, branding and stakeholder relationship management skills and services that promote the favourable positioning of Stellenbosch University in the marketplace.​

Our vision​​

We strive to serve as a valued strategic partner within Stellenbosch University by providing integrated communication programmes and processes that are focused on facilitating and accelerating the attainment of the institutional vision.

Our Mission

We create a competitive advantage for Stellenbosch University by strategically positioning the SU brand favourably, implementing effective communication programmes and optimising stakeholder relationship management, thereby enabling the University to realise its aspiration of being an inclusive, innovative, and future-focused institution.​

Our Focus Areas

Positioning the SU brand
We shape a favourable brand experience for our stakeholders, aligned with the SU vision.

Effective communication programmes
We implement strategic internal and external communication programmes that facilitate institutional goal attainment.

Optimising stakeholder relationship management
We optimally manage the institution’s stakeholder relations in support of the SU strategic priorities and themes.