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When do I invoice?

To make sure that invoicing takes place on time, you need generate an invoice as soon as you become aware of any goods and/or services that will be delivered to an external client. Please contact the Debtors Division to establish whether the client is an existing debtor of SU.

How to apply for a debtor code?

Please refer to Forms

How to invoice?

Refer to user manual

Refer to General Invoicing

How to calculate VAT

Refer to our VAT section

Refer to Research Development webpage

How do I know that payment was received?

After the funds are allocated to the invoice, the user who generated the invoice will receive a confirmation email with all the detail.


How to cancel an invoice?

Request for the cancellation of an invoices, needs to be forwarded to the Debtors Division.  The request must contain the motivation for the cancellation and authorisation from the cost centre owner. 

Finance issue a credit note for the incorrect invoice.​