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Annual Reports

The Registrar's Division's Annual Reports focus on the Division's role within the Rector's responsibility centre and the larger institution, as well as on its collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders such as students, faculties and other PASS (Professional, Administrative, Support and Service) environments.

With a focus on staff development, staff participation and relationship building with key stakeholders, the Registrar's Division hopes to position itself as a PASS environment with a reputation for being a competent, effective, client-centred and innovative team that provides excellent services and contributes to the attainment of the SU vision and strategy. The positioning of the three centr​es in the Division, which are Legal Services, Governance Function Support and Student Administration on three campuses, and the creation of internal cohesion between these centres are key priorities.

The Annual Reports thus reflect the value that the Registrar's Division adds to the overall function of Stellenbosch University, as it plays a pivotal role in supporting the internal governance structures of the institution and upholds a culture of cooperative governance and ethical conduct.

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