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Honours guide for prospective students

​Research project​

A Research project is undertaken over the full duration of the course and the research module contributes half of the final score. Various research projects are offered by the staff, though students may also consult with relevant staff members should they wish to develop a project not listed. 


During the first term students will be introduced to the Research Groups and the projects they offer. Project selection will be made during the first term and a research proposal prepared and presented in the second term of the first semester.

The Second Semester will be used to finish research and do the write-up.   In addition students are required to make a poster presentation as well as present the findings of this research project at the annual postgraduate research meeting.


Research Groups:

Biological Interactions lab             


Profs. Leanne Dreyer, Anton Pauw, Bruce Anderson, Allan Ellis


Behavioural Ecology       

Supervisors: Profs. Michael Cherry, Theresa Wossler


Molecular Systematics & Phylogeography             

Supervisors: Profs Conrad Matthee , Savel Daniels, Sophie Von Der Heyden, Dr Victor Rambau


Marine Biology 

Supervisor: Profs Sophie Von Der Heyden, Tammy Robinson, Carol Simon


Medicinal Plant Biology​

Supervisor: Prof. Nox Makunga

Contact Prof. Nox Makunga for further information: Email:


Climate & Invasions: Mechanisms in Ectotherms

Supervisors: Prof. Susana Clusella-Trullas


Centre for Invasion Biology

Supervisors: Prof. Dave Richardson, Prof. John Wilson, Prof. Susana Clusella-Trullas, Prof. John Measey


Global Change Biology Group

Supervisor: Prof Guy Midgley