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The vision of the Department of Biochemistry is to be a place where fundamental change is brought about in our students, ourselves, our environment and in the way we understand life at the molecular level. Our mission in the department is to foster a culture of scientific inquiry, critical thinking and debate amongst our students. We aim to create an environment where each student can develop to his or her full potential and thereby be able to extend their fundamental knowledge of biochemistry to lead innovative research and with that create a positive impact on society and industry.

We strive daily to develop the department to its full potential. However, after recent assessment of our postgraduate student cohort we have come to the conclusion that we are lacking in cultural diversity. As we would like to foster a true culture of inclusivity, we feel that this is an aspect where we still need to grow immensely. Towards this end we want to actively diversify our postgraduate student cohort by recruiting postgraduate students from other demographics and universities. More specifically, we want to recruit diversity students for our Honours programme since this is the starting point for most students in the postgraduate pipeline of our department.

We have found that although diversity students do apply for the Honours programme at our department, they usually withdraw quite early on, partly due to insufficient funding for both tuition and living costs. In turn, the Faculty of Science and department can only allocate some funding after the student has arrived, however, this is then already too-little-too-late as it does not cover enough of the student's expenditure to move to Stellenbosch. Therefore, the department would like to obtain an externally funded Honours diversity recruitment bursary with the aim of awarding such a bursary annually. Since Honours is a one year degree, funding for only one year has to be secured, whilst other funding bodies usually supply funding at MSc and PhD levels.


The conditions of the bursary will encompass:

  • The amount will be ~R120 000 (paid in two instalments each semester)

  • The payment of the bursary will be paid into the individual's SU student account to cover all tuition and possible university residence fees first, after which the residual amount will released into the students personal bank account.

  • Only students from designated groups will be considered.

  • Students from low income households will be given preference.

  • The student must be of South African nationality or have permanent residency.

  • The student must comply with all the Hons application criteria (Avg. of >60% for undergraduate Biochemistry subjects).

  • The student should have a good overall academic record.

  • The bursary will only be for one year of study.

  • If the student does not qualify for the second semester of study due to failing two courses, the amount for the second semester will be forfeited.

  • The bursary cannot be held concurrently with any other governmental or SU bursaries.

As we transition into an uncertain future, we remain committed to our students and would like to grow and diversify the talent within the Biochemistry industry. To this end, we have established the #BiochemWeCareBursary. This is a diversity Honours recruitment bursary to entice excellent students to continue their postgraduate studies in our department at Stellenbosch University.

Our aim is to raise at least one full cost honours level bursary of R120 000 for 2021 and to grow this as we go forward. If 800 of us each donate R100, this can be achieved in no time! Do you accept this challenge?

Your contribution will give you the satisfaction of assisting a next generation of vibrant new budding Biochemists just like yourself. Additionally, you would have given real momentum to the hopes and aspirations of a deserving young individual.

Contributions can be made via EFT or via SnapScan:

SOUTH AFRICA ACCOUNT NAME: Universiteit StellenboschWeCareBursaryQR.png

BANK: Standard Bank

BRANCH: Stellenbosch

BRANCH CODE: 05 06 10


REFERENCE: R2371:5373 and your initials and surname or SU number

To assist us with the administrative process, please forward proof of EFT payments to Ms Feni at

All donations are tax deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax as amended.

Departmental contact persons: Prof Ann Louw ( or Dr Mervyn Beukes, Senior Lecturer (

We are looking forward to hearing from you!