Futureproofing Public Health
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​​Division of Health Systems and Public Health​

​​​Futureproofing Public H​​ealth​​

The Initiative

​The intention is to build a  Community of Practice (COP) that explores key public health topics of relevance to the local context, using a futuristic lens whilst considering local realities.

We aim to examine contemporary global health challenges, forecast specific challenges that will be faced in years to come, and explore the possibility of novel inter- and transdisciplinary solutions that takes account of "where the world is going".  These engagements will serve to create a platform for communicable and non-communicable diseases to be addressed.

The problem will be analysed using multiple lenses  from the perspective of various disciplines. This interrogation will provide an opportunity for consideration of the application of discipline-specific tools, methods and technologies to solve aspects of the pro​​​blem.​