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Social Sciences


Curriculum investigation and praxis in the social sciences, with specific reference to the social studies, diversity and the inclusivity of different cultures, religions and value orientations. 

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Areas of Specialization

​Dr Carina America (chair)

​+27 21 808 3793

​Social Sciences​​

Dr Krystle Ontong

+27 21 808 3645​


Social Sciences

Prof Arend Carl

​+27 21 808 2285

​Curriculum Studies; Social Sciences

​Dr Omar Esau

​+27 21 808 3336


​Curriculum Studies 

​Dr Karen Horn

​+27 21 808 2268

​Social Sciences

Prof Maureen Robinson

​+27 21 808 4812


​Social Sciences

Distinguished Prof Lesley Le Grange

​​+27 21 808 2280​


​Social Sciences

Prof Chris Reddy 

​+27 21 808 2259


​​Social Sciences

Language support for subject terminology 

The Faculty supports you in the use of academic language and language for special purposes with MobiLex, a specialist dictionary with definitions of terms that you would use in your undergraduate studies. There are also translations of terms, as well as their meanings in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa, compiled by lecturers in the Departement of Currikulum studies. Download the MobiLex app on your phone or search it on your computer or tablet at​​