Political Science
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Prof Scarlett Cornelissen


BSocSc (Cape Town); MA (University of Stellenbosch), PhD (Glasgow), PGDip (Applied Ethics) (Stellenbosch)

Teaching specia​​lisation

International Relations; Foreign Policy Analysis; Political Theory; The Political Economy of Japan 

Research Inter​​ests

African international relations; South African foreign policy; Japan-Africa relations

Current resea​​rch projects

Asian actors, their investments and diplomacy in sub-Saharan Africa; Corporate Social Responsibility paradigms and practices in Africa

Selected recent ​​​​​​publications


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Shaw, T.M.; A.J. Grant and S. Cornelissen, (eds.) (2011) Research Companion to Regionalisms. Abingdon, Oxon, UK: Ashgate.

Articles and Bo​​​ok Chapters

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