All AgriScience students are offered access to quality teaching and learning, within the values of courtesy, fairness, and inclusivity, so that a sense of sureness is instilled into every graduate to make a valuable contribution to the Agricultural sector at large.



  • The ASA strives to promote the academic and social interests of all Agri-students. This mission is realized through representation on the Faculty Board and other selected committees in the Faculty and the university as a whole, as well as through direct liaison with the Dean to discuss topical student affairs and issues.

  • The ASA strives to obtain inclusivity, diversity and transformation in all matters related to the Faculty, and generate a sense of unity among all Agri-students.

  • Through effective communication, the ASA intends to inform students about the latest developments within the Faculty and create opportunities for student-staff liaison.

  • The committee wants to learn more, through liaison with other student associations on the campus and elsewhere, about the different ways in which social issues may be addressed.

  • The ASA continually strives to maintain the values of the Stellenbosch University's Vision 2040.