Council Members​​​

​​​Executive Committee 20​​23​/2024

​​​Name ​​​​​

Risuna Risimati

Norshya Sonjani ​
​Vice Chairperson
Enrico Binneman ​​
​Carina Wen 
​Carolyn Laker 
​Media Officer

​Zöe-Grace Bennett 
​Chairperson of OSK (Education)

​​Sam Morrick 
​Chairperson of BASC ​(Arts and Social Science)​

Odin Mostert
Chairperson of ESC (Engineering)


Faculty Student Committees​​ 2023/2024

​Leila Engelbrecht 
​Chairperson of TAAC (Tygerberg)
​Aimeé Vanwolleghem 
​Vice Chairperson of TAAC (Tygerberg)
​Michail September ​
​Chairperson of TSC (Theology)
Aidan Fletcher 
​Vice Chairperson of TSC (Theology)
​Nina Hugo 
​Chairperson of JVS (Law)
​Amory Smith 
​Vice Chairperson of JVS (Law)
​Thabo Moepi 
​Chairperson of MASC (Military)
​Nozizwe Nyanda 
​Vice Chairperson of MASC (Military)

​Z​​öe-Grace Bennett 
​Chairperson of OSK (Education)
​Xavier Benyani 
​Vice Chairperson of OSK (Education)
​Daniel Lennox 
​Chairperson of EBSK (EMS)
​Mishka Naidu
​Vice Chairperson of EBSK (EMS)
​Thandoluhle Mhlongo 
​Chairperson of ASA (Agriscience)
​Dimakatso Mofokeng 
​Vice Chairperson of ASA (Agriscience)
​Sam Morrick 
​Chairperson of BASC (Arts and Social Science)
​Nosiviwe Mpukane
​Vice Chairperson of BASC (Arts and Social Science)
​Odin Mostert 
Chairperson of ESC (Engineering)​
​Nts'​eliseng Makoala 
​Vice Chairperson of ESC (Engineering)
​Tauriq Willemse 
​Chairperson of NSK (Science)
Meagan Classen
​Vice Chairperson of NSK (Science)


Class Representatives

​Our class representatives are chosen every year as voted for by the class of students they form a part of. Every faculty has a group of class representatives to ensure that the needs of the different groups of students are met.

Each class representative candidate is asked to prepare a short speech advocating for themselves, in front of the students they stand to represent, as to why they would be the ideal candidate to represent their class. An election is done by majority with an AAC student faculty committee member present to count the votes.

The nature of a class representative is to ensure that all students are heard. This essential role is a bridge between the students, lecturers and the AAC.

Each class representative receives training at the beginning of their term to enable them to assist their peers effectively, efficiently, and sustainably.​