Term of Office

Prof H Russel Botman was appointed as Rector and Vice-Chancellor by the Council of Stellenbosch University (SU) in 2007, and was reappointed in 2012 for another five-year term. His priorities for each of these terms follow below.


Second Term (2012–2017)

In his second term he is focusing on a sustainable future for SU in the 21st century. This goal is pursued through further development of the University's dual emphasis on excellence and relevance.

In this I am guided by the four strategic focus areas contained in the SU Institutional Plan: 2012-2016:

  • Knowledge base of the University
  • Diversity
  • Student success
  • Systemic sustainability

Long-term planning is important. The University's Vision 2030 is currently taking shape through extensive consultation. It is envisaged that SU will become increasingly inclusive, innovative and future oriented through sustained transformation – a space where staff and students will pursue knowledge in service of society.

First Term (2007–2012)

In his inaugural address on 11 April 2007, he said that he would focus on the fulfilment of an important commitment by the University in its Strategic Framework for the Turn of the Century and Beyond, which was adopted in 2000. In this document the University acknowledged its contribution to the injustices of South Africa's apartheid past and committed itself to redress.

Redress would be pursued by means of "equity" and "readiness to serve". Equity would include a student and staff body more representative of the country's population. Readiness to serve referred to development and service in communities and areas previously disadvantaged in the provision of services and infrastructure.

Prof Botman proposed a "pedagogy of hope" for the University as a framework for achieving these goals. This was captured in SU's HOPE Project, which was publicly launched in June 2010.