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Signing of commercial contracts

Please read this guideline carefully to make sure that you understand the process for signing commercial contracts and the role-players involved in the process. All contracts must be vetted by the Legal Services Division.

Signing of commercial contracts

Cover page for contracts. You need to complete this form and attach it to any contract that you send to the Legal Services Division.

Useful forms

Indemnity form. An indemnity form for students.

Statement form. An indemnity form for Stellenbosch University against loss or damage caused by students.

Departmental plagiarism form. A form for departments to record and report alleged plagiarism.

Plagiarism declaration form. A form for students.

Record of community service. A form for students.

Legal risk management and processes

Risk management

Completing financial documents

Reporting criminal activity

Disciplinary codes

Student Disciplinary Code

Military Academy Disciplinary Code​​