The Unit facilitates all complaints regarding unfair discrimination and harassment. Complaints can be reported to one of the Equality Unit's qualified and professional anti-discrimination and harassment case officers. These are the steps when lodging a complaint: 

Step 1: Lodge a face-to-face, confidential complaint with an anti-discrimination and harassment case coordinator at Huis Simon Nkoli House, 39 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch.

Step 2:  Complete a preliminary case assessment and intake form with your case coordinator.

Step 3:  Once your case coordinator has gathered all the incident information, separat​e confidential interviews with the complainant and respondent will be conducted.

Step 4:  When all the information has been gathered, referrals (where applicable) will be made to internal University support services.

Step 5:  The complainant will then be referred to advisors, who will make recommendations to the head of the Equality Unit. We strive to have this done within three working days of the complaint.

Step 6:  Throughout the entire process the complainant will be informed of the progress of the complaint. 

Unofficial complaints can be lodged via Students and staff at the Tygerberg Campus can schedule appointments with an anti-discrimination and harassment case officer who visits the Tygerberg Campus bi-monthly and when needed. ​