​Division of Physiotherapy

FNB-3D Movement Analysis Laboratory

The new FNB-3D Movement Analysis Laboratory at Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg campus, has the widest range and most sophisticated, biomechanical equipment in Africa. Our unit has a laboratory based Vicon motion analysis system, the I-scan pressure mapping system and a wireless Moven motion analysis system which is portable and can be used on field. The facility also boasts new emerging technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) for pain and rehabilitation. A fully equipped rehabilitation area as well as physiotherapy consultation rooms are also on site.

Vicon and Moven motion analysis systems enables three dimensional analyses to objectively evaluate sports, postural, occupational, neurological and ergonomic functional movement problems children and adults. This technology can also be used to make diagnoses, prevent injury and rehabilitate functional movement.

The unit was co-founded by Prof Quinette Louw (Physiotherapist) and Dr Regan Arendse (Rheumatologist). Prof. Louw and Dr Arendse both obtained doctoral degrees in biomechanics under supervision of the world leader in motion analysis, Prof. Kit Vaughan. The centre, which opened in February 2010, serves the general public and is already the heart of a large number of national and international biomechanics research projects.

The Motion Analysis Centre is part of Stellenbosch University's Hope Project initiative University Partnership in Adapted Physical Activity. ​Due to severe cerebral palsy, Ms Hillary Lane only started walking at the age of five. Today, at 53, she can boast of having completed the 42 km New York City Marathon – thanks to hi-tech therapy provided to her by the FNB-3D Movement Analysis Laboratory. Click here for more information (YouTube video).



We aspire to become the premier biomechanics center in Africa and attain international renown in the area of human performance through high-level research and clinical expertise.