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The BA Student Committee (BASC) is the student representative body of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The committee consists of eight BA students who serve the student body through various portfolios aimed at ensuring a well-rounded and stimulating academic experience. The committee is tasked with handling academic queries, promoting social and cultural awareness, and spearheading several initiatives that are relevant to the BA and Stellenbosch University (SU) student community. We aim to promote an inclusive and transparent faculty that encourages open communication between faculty and students.

Our core purposes include ensuring students are satisfied with their modules in terms of course content and assisting with any grievances that may arise. The calculation of your HEMIS (Higher Education Information Management System) score and academic scoring are among our top priorities. In line with the university's 2040 vision we aim to equip our students with the graduate attributes that SU aspires towards. To this end, BASC is involved in several initiatives geared at promoting the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and its students, thereby exposing them to the varied career opportunities that exist and the many ways in which they can utilise their BA degree in an ever-changing world. 

Feel free to engage us on anything you feel can contribute to making this faculty greater and more inclusive to everyone. You can contact us at bask@sun.ac.za, check our social media or visit our office at the entrance of the Arts and Social Science building.

For each BASC member's portfolio, please CLICK HERE ​

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