The AgriSciences Student Association (ASA) has a vision of acting as a supportive structure within the Faculty of AgriSciences at Stellenbosch University. The ASA aims to use student leadership to create a community that thrives on connections and which gives students and staff a platform to build relationships with each other and with the greater AgriSciences community



The ASA aims to implement our vision through:

  • Hosting accessible and inclusive events and projects

  • Providing information that is useful and informative to undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • Prioritising student wellness

  • Creating an environment that facilitates the building of relationships

  • Giving AgriSciences students exposure to the AgriSciences sector and industry members

  • Acting as a communication channel within the faculty and in the university context by serving on the faculty board, the academic affairs council, and acting as a communication channel between the students of the faculty and the faculty Dean

  • Using our platform to give back to our community

  • Being a visible student structure on campus and improving our social media presence and communication platforms to become more accessible and inclusive