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Daily Workshops

Daily workshops are booked separately and include a day pass 

​PRICE & booking link
​Saturday 7 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00​
​Bloeme | Floral Artistry by Anja​
​R 350  BOOK NOW
​Sunday 8 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00 
​PLANT PROPAGATION WORKSHOPCherise Viljoen, Master Horticulturist
​R 300​  BOOK NOW
NB Quicket booking link shows as Sunday 7th - it is actually Sunday 8th !
​Monday 9 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00 
​Russ Smal, SUBG Bonsai​
R 350​​  BOOK NOW
​Tuesday 10 October 2023 
10:00 - 13:00​​
​FLOWER CROWN WORKSHOP + GIN TASTING​​Bloeme | Floral Artistry by Anja​
​​R 350  BOOK NOW

​​Tuesday 10 October 2023 
10:00 - 13:00​​
​Cherise Viljoen, Master Horticulturist
​R 300​  BOOK NOW
​Wednesday 11 October 2023​ 10:30 - 13:30
​R 900​  BOOK NOW
​Thursday 12 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00
​Prof Leanne Dreyer
​ ​​R 300 ​  BOOK NOW
​Friday 13 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00
​Russ Smal, SUBG Bonsai​​
​R 350​​  BOOK NOW
​​Saturday 14 October 2023​ 
10:00 - 13:00
​​Martine Robinson
​​R 450​  BOOK NOW
​Saturday 14 October 2023​ 
10:30 - 13:30
​Hermien van der Merwe 
​R 900​  BOOK NOW

​Flower Crown Workshop + Gin Tasting

Enjoy the process of making a fresh flower crown. Anja from Bloeme will demonstrate how to create a flower crown with a variety of flowers and foliage textures, and give you freedom to be creative. Have fun as you play with nature and connect with friends. Take photos with your beautiful end-products afterwards and make lasting memories in this unique workshop setting!

Cost:  R350 will include: day pass to the SU Botanical Garden | A variety of of flowers to choose from | A prepared flower crown base and wiring  | Gin tasting

Time: 10:00- 13:00   Dates:  Saturday 7 October and Tuesday 10 October 2023  Limited to 25 pax per session

​Cyanotype printing (Sun printing) Workshop with prof Leanne Dreyer

In this workshop we will play with cyanotype printing (also known as sun prints), one of the oldest photographic printing methods, that has gained popularity as an interesting art form in recent years.
We will work with sheets of cardboard that has been painted with a mixture of sun-sensitive chemicals. A variety of interesting dried leaves, twirly stems, feathers and other nature-inspired objects will be made available for making your very own prints. You are also welcome to bring own objects along – the only pre-requisites are that they should be dry, relatively thin, and fit onto an A4 sized sheet of paper.)
We will arrange our objects onto the painted sheets in an interesting way, cover them with glass / Perspex covers to hold the objects in place, and then expose our artworks to sunlight. Ultra-violet rays will react with the print during the short exposure time, whereafter we will wash our prints, and witness the most amazing hues of blue emerging on the unmasked background, while portions of our pictures covered by out biological objects will remain white.
During subsequent rounds of printing, we will add salt and diverse other substances to our prints to explore the interesting special effects can be created in this way.
All levels are welcome. This workshop is designed for those with no prior knowledge of using cyanotype.

Cost R300 will include: day pass to the SU Botanical Garden | Source plants for printing, interesting dried leaves, twirly stems, feathers and other nature-inspired objects |   Glass/Perspex covers | All cyanotype chemicals and materials are included  

Time: 10:00- 13:00 Dates:  Thursday 12 October

Propagation Workshop with Master Horticulturist Cherise Viljoen

Join in to learn something new or add to your knowledge of growing indoor and herbaceous plants from leaf & stem cuttings while best practice methods, tricks and tips are being shared. To keep you propagating you’ll take home a small propagation kit of essential items, along with a tray of cuttings you’ve will made yourself to watch them root and grow. Bring any plants from home to have a personal demonstration of how best to propagate that plant. Ages 10 upward. No previous experience required.

Cost R300 will include: day pass to the SU Botanical Garden | Small propagation kit | Plants and cuttings trays | Media and materials

Time: 10:00- 13:00 Dates:  Sunday 7 October and Tuesday 10 October 2023​

The Art of Bonsai with Russ Smal

Intrigued by the ancient art of Bonsai? Join us for an afternoon of live demonstrations on how to design, shape and wire a tree.  Instruction from our Bonsai Specialist, Russ Smal, will include plant and pot selection, basic styling techniques, and aftercare, so you will know how to care for and admire your Bonsai for years to come.  The workshop is suitable for beginners or for people who have some experience growing bonsai.
Our Workshops are held in the Stellenbosch Botanical Garden where you can stroll under the trees, enjoy the market vendors, gift shop, restaurant and have a coffee/drink before the workshop starts - doing something fun and creative!

Cost R350 will include:  Entrance to the Botanical Garden |  2- 3 hour workshop | Use of tools | Guidebook | Introduction to Designing, Shaping & Wiring

Time: 10:00- 13:00 Dates:  Monday 9 October and Friday 13 October 2023​

Plantmateriaal Monodruk met Hermien van der Merwe

By dié werksessie deur die fynbos kunstenaar, Hermien van der Merwe, werk elke deelnemer op ’n tuisgemaakte gelliplaat om mooi, tekstuurryke kunsmonodrukke op papier te maak. Van plante, lap, kant, tou tot tydskrifte en meer word in die drukkersink geplaas om ’n monodruk van die tekstuur op die gelliplaat te maak. Daar word hoofsaaklik op vorm, kleur en komposisie gefokus om die beste produk te skep. Geen vorige ondervinding is nodig nie. Elke deelnemer gaan huis toe met ’n klein versameling pragtige, oorspronklike kunswerke. Alle kunsmateriale en gereedskap is ingesluit by die kaartjieprys.

At this workshop led by fynbos artist, Hermien van der Merwe, each participant will work on a homemade gelli plate to create beautiful, textured art monoprints on paper. Items such as plants, cloth, lace, rope, magazines and much more are placed in the printing ink to create a monoprint of the texture on the gelli plate. The focus is primarily on using shape, colour and composition to create the best product. No previous experience is necessary. Each participant will go home with a small collection of beautiful, original works of art! All art materials and tools are included in the ticket price.

The Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden (SUBG) is celebrating their 100th year anniversary.  As part of the centenary celebrations, we will host a weeklong programme of events – from daily yoga sessions, tours, arts and plant workshops and a special botanical art festival.​​