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Foreign Payments


There are 2 types of foreign payments:

  • Imports – where department will receive actual goods and ​
  • Other – registration, accommodation, publication, membership fees, professional services, subscription, software, data, license fees, refund of expenses etc.

Steps to follow:

  1. Is the creditor registered on the system? If not email the invoice and letter from supplier's (beneficiary's) bankers, confirming banking details to Financial Services, in order to create a creditors code.
  2. Create a foreign requisition on EAS199P
  3. Authorize the foreign requisition on EAS204P
  4. If travel costs and conference registration fees are paid, the 3rd party form should be completed.
  5. Send signed requisition page and all relevant documentation to Financial Services.
  6. Financial Services processes payment and sends the payment instruction to our bankers
  7. When payment is finalised by the bank, payment confirmation is received via e-mail. Financial Services forwards the confirmation on to the requestor for their records.
  8. Financial services processes the journal to finalise the payment on our side and clear the commitment on the cost centre. The transaction will then appear on the general ledger account of the cost centre.
  9. For imported goods, all the relevant clearing documents should be forwarded to Financial Services before the transaction can be finalized (commitment cleared and general ledger entry is made).