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Stellenbosch University Co-curricular Support Fund (SUCSF)

‚ÄčOn the strength of a needs assessment done in 2011, it clearly appears that several departments, divisions and centres of Stellenbosch University (SU) make funds available for supporting the co-curricular development of students. Mostly, these funds are made available and utilised for the following reasons:

  • Students' attendance of and participation in national and international conferences falling outside the formal academic offering.
  • Support of student initiatives on campus additional to the day-to-day activities of student structures for which there are existing budgets.
  • Support of Student Representative Council (SRc) initiatives linked to the above-mentioned, but also initiatives related to national and international co-curricular activities that are preferably not annual or repetitive events.

Funds are limited; therefore, available money must be managed, utilised and allocated responsibly so that it can have a greater and better effect on the student community of SU.

Therefore, it has been decided to establish a central fund in which existing SU funds can be pooled. The outcome of this fund will be that:

  • more students are supported and that a greater and better effect is ensured;
  • criteria are set according to which applications are assessed;
  • the application and utilisation of the funds by students are assessed by reporting and similar ways of feedback.

Based on this, it has been decided to establish the Stellenbosch University Co-curricular Support Fund (SUCSF).

Students who wish to apply for funding, should consult these documents and contact for an application form: