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tengo Varias Preguntas:

¿Que Productos desinfectantes estan utilizando en pasteles de lava Los Para entrar a Plantaciones de banano infectadas Por Fusarium en metocheira?

 ¿La marchitez por Fusarium del banano Por Florerias introducirse un Campos Por Medio de materiales de siembra proveniente de Cultivos de Tejidos?

¿Que Manejo SE REALIZA al Suelo Donde sean Eliminado Plantas infectadas POR Fusarium?

En los sintomas Externos de Fusarium en Las Hojas EXISTEN DOS SINTOMAS: sindrome de hoja verde (doblamiento de Hojas Verdes POR EL peciolo ONUDI al pseudotallo) y síndrome de hoja amarilla (amarillamiento generalizado de Toda La Hoja), ¿Cual de Estós SINTOMAS es Característico en banano Cavendish en metocheira?





 Estimada Lizeht

gracias por la Respuesta, 

tengo varias preguntas:

¿Qué productos desinfectantes se utilizan en baños de pies ", que concentraciones ?, el momento de renovar la solución desinfectante en los baños de pies ?, tiempo de desinfección en los baños de pies?

¿why are long foot-baths constructed?

En los síntomas externos del marchitamiento por Fusarium, siempre se produce amarillamiento de las hojas de banano Cavendish. ¿Hay flexión de hojas verdes como en otras variedades de banano? Esto se conoce como "síndrome de la hoja verde".

el material de siembra de banano que se originó a partir de cultivo de tejidos. puede que vienen infectadas por Fusarium a un campo?

Lo siento por la tradccion Inglés




​Dear, Lizeth

Thank you by the answer

several question 

¿What disinfectant products used in foot bahts?, which is the concentration?, Which it is the time to renew the solution desinfectant of the baths of feet?, time the desinfection in the foot baths?

¿The plantaing material from tissue cultures of banana can be infected by Fusarium

The Fusarium cause yellowing of the leaves "yello sheet syndrome". ¿In Cavendish banana beding can ocur in old leaves in grenn? "grenn sheet syndrome". I have seen this symtomatology in banana "silk" AAB


​Dear, Lizeth I have several questions 1. In a Presentation of Dr. Altus Viljoen, sample that Foc TR4 inside the sigue field infecting more plants in Metocheira:. Week 36 from 2013 (5.656 plants) To 2014 week 37 (41.532 plants). This restrain 24 infected hectares, if it is sowed in a thickness of 1.700 Plants / there is. Is the question simple, is Increasing the number of plants infected in Metocheira?, which is the First route of spread of the illness in the field? 2. is the dispersion of Foc R4T in Metocheira from plant to plant or distant infected plants appear one of others? 3. In the photos of the external symptoms of Foc TR4 in the Metocheira farms, I have seen that green sheets double "syndrome of the green sheet": is it the most common thing? 4. Is the nfección period up to the first external symptoms of Foc RT4 in banana tree Cavendish, shorter than that of Foc race 1 in Gros Michel or SilK?. Thank you​


Dear Dr. Viljoen

It is an honor to be able to greet him

I had the opportunity in 2013 to see his presentation at EARTH University, Costa Rica. During the tribute to Phill Rowe. And again in 2014 Ecuador during World Summit of banana.
I am researcher of CENIBANANO, COLOMBIA. In Colombia we have about some 48.000Ha of Banana tree Cavendish
Much I visit the web page AC4TR4 of the University of Stellembosch. It is there where I see lots of information about Foc TR4. Currently we have Foc Race 1 in banana "silk" Apple Type.

That is why my interest to learn about the current state of Foc TR4 in Matocheira, knowing the behavior of Foc R4T in field. We know that the symptoms of Foc race 1 and Foc R4T similar, but what we don't know is so virulent R4T Foc in Cavendish. A very common plant protection problem here in Cavendish is bacterial diseases "Moko", which can be controlled and eradicated. Otherwise with Foc R4T. In this context very respetusamente do the following questions:

1. Sites on the farms where appear diseased plants with Foc RT4 are abandoned? That as much area?
2. Which is the current situation in Oman and Jordan where there is brought Foc R4T? is had a dear of the affected area?.
3. There is a cost study for the financial management and containment of an outbreak in the first year of Foc R4T Metocheira farms?
4. There is some disinfectant or sterilizing for lava boots that will eliminate the Chlamydospores of Foc RT4?

Thank you for your attention and responses.​

Dear Dr. Altus

I have a few questions

1. Esxiste some specific measurements of the size and the solutions of desinfeccción in the entry to the granj for vehicles

2. What is the current situation of Foc R4T in Matanuzca? It is still infecting new plants

3. How is the new farm near Matanuzca infected of Foc R4T?



​Dear, Dr. Altus


I have some questions

1. ¿What is the dose used "Sporekill" in the desinfectanc solution for bathrooms of wheeled vehicles?.

2. ¿ What is the treatment to prevent the contamination of surface waters in the farms with sporekill?.

3. Sporekill is a compound of quaternary ammonium biodegradable?

Thank you

H. Marsmanplantsoen

​Dear Sir, Madam,

ClearDetections has developed a Real-time PCR test to detect/identify FOC TR4.

Would this test be of value for the banana industry in Africa?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best regards,

Hans Radhoe

Business DaySouth Africa011 280

​Good day,

My name is Colleen Goko and I'm a journalist with the Business Day and the Financial Mail. I'm writing a story on TR4 and I would love to speak to someone at the university about it. Who would be the best person to contact for an interview?

Warm Regards


Colegio de Postgraduados Mexico 


Good day, I am Jose Florencio, I am Plant Pathology, a am Interesting, in wich is the status of Fusarium oxysporum fsp. cubense TR4, 

Thanks so much

LBS PG C GondaIndia

​comments on fusarium

NY USAUnited

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Somali Banana Technical

​Fusarium wilt race 4 is possible in somali is present? because Mosambique is near to Somalia and Somalia has historical backgroun of exprorting banana in east africa before civil war in 1991. 

We most grow Poyo banana type is a variety of Cavendish group​