​​Responsibility Centre Operations and Finance​​​


Operational excellence in everything w​e do

The responsibility centre of Operations and Finance supports the University's seven institutional strategies: access, excellence, social impact, internationalisation, systemic transformation, systemic sustainability and campus renewal. By the nature of the responsibility centre's activities, our specific focuses are systemic sustainability and campus renewal, pursuing overall operational excellence in everything we do. 

Being multidimensional, Operations and Finance sensibly combines the following professional and administrative support services for the benefit of the University:

  • Financial planning and management
  • The expansion and maintenance of physical infrastructure (working, learning and living spaces) and campus security services
  • The management of SU's commercial services and the commercialisation of its intellectual property
  • The promotion of entrepreneurship among students and staff
  • The management of information technology
  • The management of sport as a strategic University asset, and of recreation as part of a healthy lifestyle for students and staff
  • The maintenance and management of the University's campus master plan, mobility plan (parking, shuttle service and access control), campus security and risk management system​

Meet the ​tea​ms


​Facilities Management

Facilities Management team members, from left to right: Madeleine Malan (Director: Business Management), Japie Engelbrecht (Director: Project Management), Viljoen van der Walt (Director: Risk Management and Campus Security), Nicolette van den Eijkel (Chief Director: Facilities Management), Nadeem Gafieldien (Director: Property Services), Francois Swart (Director: Development Planning and Design) and Dan Prata (Director: Facility Services).



Finance's management team are from left: Caro Olivier (Deputy Director: Funds and Asset Management), Pieter Wever (Director: Transport Services), Werner Abrahams (Deputy Director: Student Fees and Debtors), Annemi Murray (Director: Financial Planning and Budgeting), Manie Lombard (Chief Director: Finance), Brendon Gindlay-Whieldon (Financial Controller), Reinet Uys (Director: Financial Services), Elizabeth de Beer (Deputy Director: Financial and Management Systems) and Riaan Basson (Director: Purchasing and Provision Services). 

Innovus and SU​NCOM


Innovus en SUNCOM, seated, from left to right: Daniell Jacobs (PA & Financial Administrative Officer), Colette Noble (Office Liaison), Monique van Aswegen (Secretary to the Senior Director: SUNCOM), Hein Swanepoel (Senior Director: SUNCOM), Anita Nel (Chief Director: Innovation and Business Development), Carol Kat (Head: Copyright and Short Courses), Sandra February (Administrative Officer: Copyright and Short Courses), Nolene Singh (Technology Transfer Manager) and Christi Wiechers (Senior Commercialisation Project Manager). Standing, from left to right: Doris Peters (Senior Administrative and Finance (Intellectual Property) Officer), Joubert de Wet (Technology Transfer Manager), Gert le Roux (Aquaculture Commercialisation Manager), Stefan du Toit (Innovation and Commercialisation Strategist), Luan Africa (Technology Transfer Officer), Lizane Fuzy (Commercialisation Project Manager) and Camille de Villiers (Technology Transfer Officer).

Information Technology


Information Technology's (IT) management team is from left:  Johann Kistner (Director Academic IT), Zenobia Davidse (Director: IT General Support Services), Attie Juyn (Senior Director: IT) Joe Smit (Director: IT Infrastructure) and Ralph Pina (Director: IT Institutional Software Solutions).

Maties Sport​


Maties Sport Senior Management Team, back, from back to front: Sean Surmon (Head: High Performance), Gustav Venter (Head: Centre for Sport Leadership), Andy de Bruin (Accountant: Financial Planning and Asset Management), Jerry Laka (Director: Support Services) and Ilhaam Groenewald (Chief Director).