Operations and Finance
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​​​​​​​​Prof Stan du Plessis
Chief Operating Officer

The responsibility centre Operations and Finance del​ivers a world-class environment; a place connected to the world​

Stellenbosch University (SU) is one of the world's top institutions that deliver learning, teaching and research with a vast social impact. These academic endeavours take place on the university's five scenic campuses, characterised by impressive infrastructure, environmentally friendly operating practices, sustainable financial planning, cutting-edge information technology and communications systems, commercialisation of intellectual property and other commercial services, as well as outstanding sport and recreational facilities.

Operational excellence is the guiding theme for the Responsibility Center (RC) of Operations and Finance in its commitment to realise Stellenbosch University's strategy. Adopting a mindset of continuous improvement, we become aware of new opportunities to improve shortcomings in our extensive portfolio of activities.

Comprising the divisions of Finance, Facilities Management, Information Technology, Innovus and Maties Sport, the RC's focus is the relentless pursuit of efficiency on the one hand and the cultivation of a culture of entrepreneurship and improvement on the other.​​

The RC's main task is to deliver a world-class environment; a place connected to the world. We will achieve this strategic drive with a well-equipped staff corps, through good governance and by maintaining effective networks and partnerships.​​

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Prof Sta​n du Plessis


Mariëtte Hanekom
Personal Assistant

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