The Equality Unit offers a bouquet of training. If your environment is interested in receiving training from the Equality Unit, contact Michelle Munro (Manager: HIV and Sexualities Portfolio and Training), at equalityunit@sun.ac.za. Tailored training on social justice topics can be requested should the below list not include what you need.  The training topics include:

​Workplace sexual harassment​
​Mediation and conflict resolution
​Enabling empathy
​GBV and sexual harassment: bystander effect
Unconscious bias 
​Gender in the workplace
​Unfair discrimination
​Gender-based violence sensitisation: a trauma-informed response
​Reporting unfair discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation
​HIV counselling and testing
​Interpersonal communication skills
​Safe sexual practices 
​Safe sex materials
​Sexualities, gender fluidity and pronouns
​Bullying in the workplace
​Equality Unit overview and services
​Reporting unfair discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation​
​GBV and sexual harassment: bystander effect​​