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Research Topic or query
SharePoint AppSharePoint App4/18/2018 9:044/18/2018 9:04
SharePoint AppSharePoint App4/18/2018 9:044/18/2018 9:04
SharePoint AppSharePoint App4/18/2018 9:054/18/2018 9:05
Nyeleti Portiaportia.rikhotso@gmail.comRikhotso0722539109Yes
A cross-sectional study on the factors influencing adherence to Pharmacovigilance practices among healthcare professionals in the countries involved in the ZaZiBoNa Collaboration
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:145/24/2018 10:1422 Long0749040671Yes
​Follow-up meeting with consultant Carl Lombard
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:145/24/2018 10:1423
​PhD = Biologic Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs in South African patients with Rheumatological diseases.​
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:145/24/2018 10:1424 938 9264Yes
​Food provision environment in ECD centers. Sample size discussion ​
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:145/24/2018 10:1425
Ashtonashtonboggenpoel@gmail.comBoggenpoel082 7882632Yes
​Comparing the use of 5% povidine solution to the gold standard of ciprofloxacin in treating chronic suppurative otitis media.
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:155/24/2018 10:1526
Testing testing 123​
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:155/24/2018 10:1527
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:155/24/2018 10:1528
Giving up as a form of therapy for mental illness​
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 10:155/24/2018 10:1529
Radiological features of Hydatid disease in children.
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/24/2018 14:165/24/2018 14:1630
A clinical and histopathological description of seborrheic dermatitis in HIV- infected South African adults compared to non-HIV infected individuals as described in literature: A cross-sectional descriptive study.
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/25/2018 4:465/25/2018 4:4631
Good day I would like to book an appointment to discuss my research results. Data collection is complete, I cannot remember the previous person I met with. I would appreciate an appointment on Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30th. regards
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/25/2018 13:465/25/2018 13:4632
Good day. I need assistance with the powering of my study sample for my protocol for my Masters thesis. My topic is : Monitoring of endotracheal tube cuff pressures in ICU in Tygerberg.
SharePoint AppSharePoint App5/31/2018 14:165/31/2018 14:1633
"Good afternoon. \u000d\u000aI would like to book an appointment with Dr Carl Lombard (my previous meetings were with him). Preferably the 11th or 12th of June?\u000d\u000a\u000d\u000aTopic: Multi-Element Analysis of Human Brain Regions\u000d\u000a(PhD Project)\u000d\u000a\u000d\u000aThank you in advance. \u000d\u000aKaren Cilliers"
SharePoint AppSharePoint App6/18/2018 21:226/18/2018 21:2234
"PhD topic: Multi-elememt anaysis of human brain regions.\u000d\u000aMy previous appointments were with Dr Carl Lombard.\u000d\u000aCan I please have an appointment next week or the week thereafter?\u000d\u000aThank you in advance.\u000d\u000aKaren"
SharePoint AppSharePoint App6/18/2018 21:236/18/2018 21:2335
Ikhona Kuhle ikhokuhledyan@gmail.comDyan0731657393Yes
"Effects of Streptozotocin on the testicular histomorphology of Wistar Rats: a morphometric study "
SharePoint AppSharePoint App6/18/2018 21:236/18/2018 21:2336
SharePoint AppSharePoint App6/18/2018 21:236/18/2018 21:2337
SharePoint AppSharePoint App6/20/2018 9:026/20/2018 9:0238
ZingisaZingisamalusi@yahoo.comMalusi 0829270876Yes
The value of Histopathology of the placenta
SharePoint AppSharePoint App6/20/2018 14:326/20/2018 14:3239