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FGGW Sosiale Impak-verslag: Genesing buite die klaskamer Sosiale Impak-verslag: Genesing buite die klaskamer
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Bevorder sosiale impak deur studentebetrokkenheid sosiale impak deur studentebetrokkenheid
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Suid-Afrikaanse Gebaretaal – Beginner Vlak 1A Gebaretaal – Beginner Vlak 1A2024-03-28T12:00:00Z
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Uitnodiging Vier erfenisdag 22 September 2023 Vier erfenisdag 22 September 20232023-09-22T10:00:00Z jou inisiatief ons nuutste nuusbrief​ aktiwiteit

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe Ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in learning and teaching​The AImpact initiative aims to empower educators, and educational leaders on the ethical use of artificial intelligence in learning and teaching. The primary objectives of AImpact are twofold. Firstly, it strives to raise awareness among participants about the potential benefits, risks, and ethical considerations associated with utilizing AI in learning and teaching. By fostering a deeper understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations, participants can make informed decisions to uphold academic integrity and facilitate an engaging, inclusive, and effective learning environment.Secondly, AImpact establishes clear ethical guidelines and best practices to guide participants in the responsible use of AI in learning and teaching. This includes promoting integrity, originality, and fairness while avoiding unintentional plagiarism and biases. By adhering to these guidelines, educators and students can foster trust and create a more equitable educational experience for all.The AImpact initiative actively encourages multidisciplinary engagement, fostering cross-disciplinary discussions to encourage participants to consider the broader implications of AI in their respective fields. By promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, AImpact empowers participants to integrate AI ethically, ultimately elevating the overall quality and impact of learning and teaching experiences.In summary, the AImpact initiative aims to:1. Educate participants about the benefits, risks, and ethical considerations of AI in learning and teaching.2. Establish ethical guidelines and best practices for the responsible use of AI.3. Encourage multidisciplinary engagement and cross-disciplinary discussions.4. Empower educators and school principals to integrate AI ethically, enhancing learning and teaching experiences.1608 - FIT (Frequent Individual Training)​​During the Sport Science course the students have an elective module - Applied kinesiology 324 and 344. This module focuses on physical activity for persons with disabilities and disability sport. During this module the students are required to work with clients from the community in groups of 2-3 to design intervention programmes that will enhance the clients health and wellness. The population groups are screened and cleared for physical activity. All clients have a recognized disability (various disabilities) and the age ranges from children to the elderly. All clients live within a 50km radius of Stellenbosch. Adapt2move (the students under supervision and guidance) commit to at least 18 individual training sessions per semester (36 hours in total per year) at no cost to the client. Facilities are provided by the Deparment Sport Science as well as Maties Gymnasium (collaboration between us). The programme asks the client to commit to this number of sessions. The sessions form part of the students engaged teaching and learning that is evaluated through indivudal reflections and group case study presentations to the class. 1610 Health and Wellness​We offer physical activity opportunities to people (adults) with disabilities in different communities within the Western Cape. Sessions take place one to twice a week for an hour each. Sesisons are run by a Biokineticist, Biokinetics students in training and trained community members. We work with the group as a whole in our exercise prescription and focus on the main components of health related firness such as cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and endurance and flexibility. We also include functional exercises that enable individuals to better navigate and complete activities of daily living. Our students also work with specific individuals in our sessions where warranted and offer assistance to those beneficiaries that are unable to for example complete the full range of motion of an exercise without assistance. Additional to our more structured exercise sessions we also offer fun sessions where some of the members run the session and do a quad rugby or aerobics session with the group. We also do educational talks on various topics such as; what are chronic and secondary conditions and best ways to manage and reduce these conditions, how manage and reduce stress etc. We work with various NPO's in these communities to offer our beneficiaries a more holistic service. 1609

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