Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​Our faculty consists of eight dynamic departments, housed in a number of buildings on the main campus, where teaching and postgraduate research are supported by ultra-modern technology and highly qualified and experienced staff.

The research institutes and centres which operate under the auspices of departments in the Faculty of Science, strengthen the teaching and research programmes of the Faculty. Click here​ for the Science Faculty organisation structure.


​​​​​​​​Our faculty consists of eight dynamic departments; with the Department of Mathematical Sciences consisting of the three divisions Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.​​​​​​​
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Botany and Zoology
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Chemistry and Polymer Science
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Earth Sciences
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Mathematical Sciences
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Applied Mathematics
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Computer Science
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Physiological Sciences
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Our Research Centres, Bureaus and Institutes

The following research centres, bureaus, institutes and facilities are part of the Faculty of Science:​

Research Centres,​​ Bureaus and Institutes ​Contact person ​Telephone S​end ​E-mail
Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology ​Prof Hugh Patterton ​+27 21 808 2774 Send e-mail
Laser Research Institute
​Dr Pieter Neethling ​+27 21 808 3365 ​Send e-mail
​​Stellenbosch University Water Institute ​Prof Gideon Wolfaardt ​+27 21 808 3039 Send e-mail

Our Facilities 

Faculty Facilitie​s​​ ​Contact person ​Telephone ​Send e-mail
Animal Facility
Animal Ethics
​Ms Judith Farao ​+27 21 808 3631 Send e-mail
Central Analytical Facilities (CAF) ​Prof Gary Stevens ​+27 21 808 3127 Send e-mail
Mechanical Workshop ​Dr Christine Steenkamp
​+27 21 808 3391
Send e-mail
Request for services
NARGA (Computer User's Centre) ​Ms Ilse de Kock ​+27 21 808 2682 Send e-mail