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Military Academy Student Council


The Military Academy Student Council (MASC) is a body consisting of different students elected from different year groups by the Student Body. This Council is elected to create an environment that is conducive and best supports the students to succeed in their academics as well as the development of professional military standards. This involves ensuring that students have necessary support with regards to their academic, military way of doing things, social, sports activities etc. It is through the determination of members of the students’ body that this council can function effectively and efficiently, so students are encouraged to be actively involved in all their activities and have a close relationship with members of the MASC.
The MASC consists of different committees that engage in various activities that are directed at representing the interest of the student body at large. These committees consists of the Executive Committee of the MASC, the Disciplinary Committee of the MASC, Carnival Committee, Trans-Enduro Committee and other committees as provided for in the Constitution of the military Academy Student Council.

The MASC Comprises of the following members:

a.    Student Captain
b.    Vice-Student Captain
c.    Secretary
d.    Sports Representative
e.    Regimental Representative
f.    Social Representative
g.    Faculty representative
h.    Logistics Representative
i.    Finances Representative
j.    Media Representative
k.    Diversity Representative
l.    1st Years Representative
m.    2nd Years Representatives
n.    3rd Years Representatives
o.    Pupil pilot Representatives
p.    Military Academy Community Service (MACS) Representative
q.    Carnival Committee Representative
r.    Trans-Enduro Committee Representative

Functions of the MASC

The MASC is compelled to promote and protect the interest of all students, represents the students at all levels and on all committees where required. This involves ensuring effective execution of duties /exercises and orders in the day to day activities of the students’ routine in conjunction with the Faculty and Department Professional Military Development (DPMD). The MASC must provide feedback on all appropriate aspects to the student body when possible as well as to promote student interaction with other tertiary institutions in cooperation with their Student Representative Councils (SRCs). The Council is authorised to appoint committees in the execution of is functions and also to undertake corrective action where individual students contravene rules and regulation in adhearing to the standards expected of an officer as well as the exercise of any other powers as provided for by the Military Academy Student Council Constitution.

Responsibilities of the MASC

The MASC is responsible to ensure that members of the student body are informed of matters pertaining to the daily routine, activities of the student body and any other information relevant when required. On Mondays and Wednesdays the members of the students’ body will proceed to the parade ground in the morning to observe the falghoisting and also receive information in terms of notices and any feedback available. On Thursday members of the student body will gather for communication period where the Student Captain will give feedback and take note of any problems, questions and also clarify any uncertainties pertaining to the students if possible. The MASC is also responsible to organise various students’ activities i.e. sports and social events for members of the student body.