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PhD Outputs

  1. The primary research output of a PhD programme is a doctoral dissertation reporting on primary research. Formatting and editing costs are the candidate's responsibility. 

  2. Every candidate is required to electronically furnish the institutional SunScholar repository with a PDF copy of the dissertation, from which sensitive personal information such as signatures and telephone numbers have been removed. This submission must be done via the thesis/dissertation nomination system. It is critically important to place an embargo on sections of the dissertation that may still be patented or published. Please note this upload is a requirement for Senate approval as per the Stellenbosch University calendar. During this submission process, the supervisor shall be given the option of holding the dissertation back from being released on the open website for a period of no longer than six months to provide an opportunity for publication. Full particulars regarding the PDF format, as well as the process to be followed, are provided on the website at

  3. ​Over and above the dissertation, all doctoral candidates are encouraged to submit two articles for publication in indexed journals as soon as possible after the examination. Stellenbosch University must be indicated as the affiliation of the author/s.

  4. No plagiarised work, or generated by another person or by means of artificial intelligence, may at any stage be submitted as the own work of a doctoral student.

  5. It is the responsibility of each main, internal (SU) supervisor to report all research outputs emanating from doctoral studies to the Department of Higher Education for formal recognition and subsidy purposes before the deadline mentioned in the annual SU call to report outputs. Should you have queries in this regard, please contact Ms Daléne Pieterse at email address

  6. ​Where intellectual outcomes of the doctoral research can be commercialised through the formation of spin-out companies, licensing, patenting, or trademark registration, candidates may contact Innovus, a division of Stellenbosch University that is responsible for technology transfer, entrepreneurial support and development, and innovation.

  7. Data collected or generated for the purpose of doctoral research at SU, belongs to SU, and may be uploaded to SunScholarData for possible use in future research. Careful attention should be paid to the timing and possible embargo of such uploads to avoid any detrimental impact on the publication or patenting of research outputs. More information may be obtained from the SU Library.