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DRDSI  |  Tygerberg Doctoral Office

​Examination of Masters Theses (100% Research only)


  • Applications close end of September
  • Consult the Calendar or University website
  • Departments/Divisions/Centres conduct their own selection
  • Upon selection, departments nominate supervisors via departmental PPCs



  • ​Takes place through the Faculty Office
  • Contact Ms VB Joseph:
  • First semester: 2 January to 31 March
  • Second semester: 1 June to 31 July




  • Intention to submit should be sent to 6 months prior to examination
  • Department to nominate examiners via a departmental PPC report 6 months prior to submission
  • Submit the thesis for examination well ahead of the final cut-off dates:
    • 31 August for possible December graduation
    • 30 November for possible March/April graduation ​​

  • To submit a 100% research masters thesis for examination, the main internal supervisor should send a single email to, with the following three documents attached in PDF format:
    (a) Signed dissertation release form;
    (b) Approved thesis; and
    (c) Turnitin report indicating a similarity score of no more than 15% (file compressed as necessary).
  • Supervisors and students must upload the thesis to SunScholar after the examination.​​​