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1. HSK & HSKK– Chinese Proficiency Test

1.1 Overview:
HSK is an internationally recognized standardized exam designed to evaluate and rate proficiency in the Chinese language among non-native speakers. It assesses individuals' language skills for use in their daily lives, academic pursuits, and professional endeavors. The examination comprises independent writing and speaking tests.

HSK is short for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi ( 汉语水平考试 ), which means "Mandarin Level Exam" in Chinese. HSKK on the other hand, stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi ( 汉语水平口语考试 ), which means "Mandarin Level Spoken Language Exam".​

Upcoming Test Dates in 2024:
- 21 April
- 18 August

Important Dates:
- Registration and payment deadline: 6 weeks before the test
- Results release: Approximately 40 days after the test and you will be notified on the WhatsApp group to come collect your certificates.

1.2 Test Application:

 汉语考试服务网​/ Chinese Test Service Website (CTSW)

1. Submit your application at least six weeks before the test date.
2. Ensure payment is received at least four weeks before the test date.
3. Enter your full name exactly as it appears on your ID document; no omissions or abbreviations.
4. Upload a head and shoulders ID photo for your HSK certificate.
5. Email a copy of your ID document to with the subject line: HSK + Name + ID Document.
6. Join the WhatsApp group for timely updates, including venue information here.
1.3 Payment
1. Make payment to Stellenbosch University, not CTSW.
   - Account holder: University of Stellenbosch
   - Bank: Standard Bank
   - Account number: 073006955
   - Branch code: 050610
   - Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
   - Reference: R5533-5597-HSK-your surname
2. Upload proof of payment here and to the HSK WhatsApp group administrator.

1.4 The HSK Test:​​
1. Present your original ID document (or passport) on the test day.
2. Use a 2B pencil for the test.
3. Arrive 30 minutes before the test.
4. Exam durations vary by level:
   - HSK 1: 40 minutes (R150)
   - HSK 2: 55 minutes (R250)
   - HSK 3: 90 minutes (R350)
   - HSK 4: 105 minutes (R450)
   - HSK 5: 125 minutes (R550)
   - HSK 6: 140 minutes (R650)

1.5 The HSKK Test:​​
The spoken test varies by level:
   - HSKK Beginners level (R200)
   - HSKK Intermediate level (R​​300)
   - HSKK Advanced level (R400)​​​
1.6 HSK Materials & Preparation:
1. CISU offers HSK books and Chinese lessons.
2. HSK training courses are available online and on Coursera.​

Full Scholarship Opportunities to China 2024/25: over 289 universities to choose from

Seize the opportunity of a lifetime! With full scholarship opportunities to China for the 2024/25 academic year, prospective students have a wide range of options, including over 289 universities to choose from. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, full medical insurance, and even provide a living subsidy.

1.1. Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese Government is offering substantial funding for various levels of study, from Chinese language studies to doctoral programs. For Chinese language studies and undergraduates, the annual funding amounts to about 60,000 CNY. Master's students receive about 70/80,000 CNY per year, while doctoral students get about 88/100,000 CNY per year.

1.1.1 Field of Study
The sc
holarships encompass a wide range of fields, from Chinese language studies, biotechnology, agriculture, computer science, environment and climate change, engineering sciences, food science, hydrogeological engineering, maritime studies, natural and physical sciences, nuclear and renewable energy, space science & technology, to telecommunication.​

1.1.2 Requirements
Applicants must be South African citizens in good health with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and a commitment to the development of South Africa. Demonstrated interest in China and a minimum NSC score of 65% are necessary. Post-school qualification is a plus, and for some programs, no Chinese language studies background is required.

1.1.3 Language of Instruction
The language of instruction varies depending on the program. Undergraduate programs are taught exclusively in Chinese, requiring Bachelor's applicants to have HSK Level 4 or higher. Master's and PhD Programs are taught in both English and Chinese. It is advisable to check language program availability.

1.1.4 Chinese Proficiency
For those seeking to improve their language skills, there are Mandarin courses available both in South Africa as well as in China. These courses cater to different levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

1.2. International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (Xiamen University)

These scholarships cover a range of programs, from International Chinese language education to Bachelor's, Master's, and even a new Scholarship Program named “2+2 Joint Training” for undergraduates. Requirements vary depending on the program of choice, but HSK scores and a National Senior Certificate are generally required.

1.3. Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University

CISU offers public opportunities for all ages. Here, you can learn Mandarin tuition-free, win prizes, and even apply for comprehensive scholarships. We offer various classes from beginner to advanced levels and even have martial arts classes. The Institute also conducts HSK tests to measure Chinese proficiency and open doors for career, business, and scholarship programs.

1.4. Chinese Bridge Competition

The Chinese Bridge Competition is another opportunity to improve Chinese scholarship application prospects and even win a flight to China. This competition has different levels, including primary school, high school, and university levels. It offers private and group tutoring with a special focus on speaking skills, public speaking, and performance.​