​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chinese Language Courses

Welcome to Chinese courses offered by the Confucius Institute of Stellenbosch University. We hope you will enjoy learning Chinese with us and take advantage of all that Confucius Institute and Stellenbosch University have to offer. Members of the public are welcome to join our courses.​​ These classes are open to teenagers too. 

We welcome and encourage our Chinese learners to take part in "Chinese Club" or "Chinese Corner". Tuition is free and there is no registration fee. You may read more about this here​.


Course information:

​Type of Chinese Classes

​Course Information 

​Spoken Chinese Classes​ (Semester 2​ of 20​​22)

1 August – 14 October 2022

* Please note that this course is only available to intermediate to advanced level participants.

* The course requires a minimum of five (5) participants. 

*Two classes of 60 minutes per week.
​​Chinese Classes​ (Semester 2 of 2022)


1 August – 14 October 2022

Beginner(no prior knowledge)

Lower-Intermediate (HSK 1:  can understand and use simple words and phrases)

​​​Upper-Intermediate (HSK 2: can communicate simply and directly on daily topics you are familiar with)

To​wards Advanced (HSK 3: can conduct basic communication in daily life, study and work. You can manage most communication when traveling in China)​

Advanced 1 (HSK 4: can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and can communicate with native Chinese speakers fluently in common situations; HSK 5: can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films and TVs, and can write and deliver a full speech​)​​

* The class requires a minimum of five (5participants. In the event that there are not enough, two classes may be combined.​​

* Two classes of 60 minutes per week.

Summary of module content 

An integrated approach incorporating listening, speaking, and reading skills (including grammar and vocabulary) will be adopted. However, a specific language skill (including basic writing) may be emphasized more than others in a specific module or level. Specific assistance on HSK tests and basic dissemination of Chinese culture will be offered as well. ​

The online classroom 

Classes may be taught on Zoom, Teams or other platforms.


Registration & Material fee amounts to R300 per semester.​ Tuition is F​ree.​

The number of lessons per week: 

Two classes of 60 minutes each per week, over a period of 10 weeks (excluding public holidays).
All courses are offered with a minimum of five participants per class.
If the number of participants is fewer than five, a course may be canceled or, after careful consideration, two classes may be combined. 

Expected outcomes:

Participants should be able to demonstrate language ability in certain daily communication and should be able to pass the HSK tests appropriate to their levels.

CI Office, WAT Building, 115 Banghoek Street, Stellenbosch, Room 102