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Postgraduate students

Stellenbosch University (SU) offers students a comprehensive range of postgraduate programmes (diplomas, honours, master's and PhD) across its 10​ faculties​

Currently, 80% of all international students enrolled for postgraduate studies at SU come from 37 other countries on the African continent. Of these students, the top five groups are from Namibia, Zimbabwe(collectively combining 46% of the students), with 23% of the students coming from Nigeria, Zambia and Lesotho. The balance of the students come from Kenya, Botswana, Malawi and Uganda, to name but a few.​

SU offers many excellent opportunities for postgraduate students. A highlight is the African Doctoral Academy (ADA) which offers high-impact research training and support to current and prospective doctoral students and their supervisors across disciplines, in the form of summer and winter schools.

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​​​Programme Name​​


​Offered by

​Postgraduate programme in Economic and Management Science​

​A full-time residential doctoral programme​​ that is functional across all academic disciplines within the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences

The Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences ​(GEM)

​Postgraduate Conference Grant

​Aimed at Post-Grad students, the grant offers the opportunity for students to present a scientific paper at an international conference in another African country. Refer to the CATEGORY 3 Grant.
​​The Centre for Collaboration in Africa​

Postgraduate programme in the arts, humanities and social sciences​

​The programme aims to identify future academic leaders in the arts, humanities and social sciences on the continent and provide them with an opportunity to receive specialised training in university management and administration. 

The Partnership for Africa's Next Generation of Academics