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African University Day



This year's Africa Universities' Day celebration is under the theme, “Artificial Intelligence in African Higher Education"

Each year, the Africa Universities Day is commemorated to observe the day of the AAU's establishment on November 12, 1967, and to highlight the contributions of the Higher Education Sector to the development of the African continent. It is also a day when critical dialogues on how to improve the quality of Africa's higher education are promoted. 

Key objectives for SU International's Africa Universities' Day Celebrations

  • Foster advocacy and engagement among students in relation to Africa Universities' Day.
  • Generate awareness and interest in this year's theme.
  • Promote Amarni.

From 12 November to 17 November 2023, Stellenbosch University invites you to participate in the discussions and be part of the conversation regarding AI in higher education by following the engagements  listed below: ​

12 November 2023

Africa Universities' Day Celebrations loft launch
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13 November 2023
AI in Africa is about people, language and contextual innovation – and higher education can help

 News feature by Dr Jan Petrus Bosman

“We work towards the goal of Africans being not only observers and receivers of the ongoing advances in AI, but active shapers and owners of these technological advances."

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14 November 2023

Live Podcast 

09:00 CAT

Title: Africa Universities' Day 2023: AI in African Higher Education​

Description: To celebrate and contribute to this years' theme, 'AI in African Higher Education', the Centre for Collaboration in Africa (CCA) at Stellenbosch University International (SUI), sat down with SU's Dr Jan Petrus Bosman director of the Centre for Learning Technologies, to discuss the potentials, opportunities and risks of AI in African HE.

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15 November 2023

Connect with us on our social media platforms ​ as we will feature -SU's edX programme. 

The Division for Learning and Teaching Enhancement at Stellenbosch University (SU) has designed an edX-based four-course professional certificate series to support higher education (HE) professionals, teachers and stakeholders as they navigate the impact of AI, and generative AI (GenAI) specifically, in higher education. 

By incorporating ethical principles, they equip educators to navigate the complexities of AI integration in higher education.

Discover AI in higher education, designed for university teachers. ​

For more information on the course and how to apply, click here​.

16 -17 November 2023
Student Dialogues 

Very strong on the AAU's agenda is the need to promote dialogue with African students on how they are using AI. 

As such, AMANI, which is the African Students' Board at Stellenbosch University (SU) took up this mandate and engaged with some students on their thought on AI, how they use it and what impact they think AI has on them a.

Here is what they had to say: