Telematic Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

    • ​​​​​​​​​What is telematics?  
      The term telematic refers to a method of presentation. Telematic programmes are offered via direct broadcasting satellite to a learning centre or by streaming via the Internet. These broadcasts are fully interactive. Each academic programme provides students with a broadcasting schedule at the beginning of the academic year.  

    • Is there a telematic learning centre in each city? 
      There are learning centres in most major cities. Click here​ to access the information. 

    • How do I change my telematic learning centre? 
      E-mail with your request to change the venue. 

    • Programmes are available? 
      Yes, take a look here.

    • How do I enrol in a programme? 
      Contact Academic Administration by dialling​ +27 21 808 9111 or send an e-mail to 

      They can assist with the

      • ​​​​Applications.  ​
      • Registration forms, which must be completed after you havreceived notification that you have been admitted to a specific programme. 
      • ​A student cannot be registered without a registration form, and without registration fees and any other outstanding fees being paid up. 

    • ​How do I make changes to my enrolment, such as cancellation of my programme?
      This must be done in writing to the Stellenbosch University Call Centre at 

    • How do I access the modules I am registered with SUNLearn? 
      Send your queries on SUNLearn here or log the issue on the Service Desk here.

    • How do I interact with the lecturer/presenter? 
      Interaction takes place directly and in real time via WhatsApp (083-792-1239) with the presenter who is broadcasting from the studio at Stellenbosch University. 

    • How can I stream the lectures? 
      Streaming takes place via YouTube. The course coordinator will send the streaming link to all students who have registered for streaming

    • How long before a broadcast will the learning centre be open? 
      The centre will be open 30 minutes before each broadcast.  

    • Is my exam centre the same as my telematic centre? 
      Not necessarily. The registration form provides you with the options for your exam and study venues and you can choose them accordingly. Before each exam, you will receive detailed information about the exam venue, including the physical address and contact number of the invigilator. 

    • Are lectures recorded? 
      All lessons are recorded and are available on DVD or flash drive, three days after the broadcast. Registered students can order DVDs of specific broadcasts online here

      If you have any questions, you 
      may contact the Technical Officer, Charl van de Rheede, by dialling +27 21 808 9091or by sending an e-mail here to

    • How do I apply for a student card? 
      Students need student cards to enter learning and exam centres. 
      All other students must contact the help desk at Stellenbosch University at, or go to the IT HUB in
      Admin A
       on the Stellenbosch campus. 

    • Where do I book a service?
      The following services can be booked online:
      • ​​​​​​Broadcast studio 
      • Mobile ca​mera unit
      • Online ​meeting room 
​​​               Click here​ to book any of the offered services.

    • What information must I supply if I book a Skype meeting? 
      You must book your meeting online here​.  Information required for the booking are as follows: 
        • ​​Skype name
        • Date
        • Ti​me
        • Nu​​​mber of people who will be attending.

    • What are the costs associated with using the services? 
      Enquiries can be sent to  ​