Telematic Services
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Interactive broadcast studio 

​​Telematic Services manages a technology platform that integrates satellite and cell phone technology. The on-campus studio broadcasts to 22 remote-learning centres situated all over Southern Africa, and livestreams across the 


The encoded signal is transmitted from the Stellenbosch campus via the Intelsat 17 satellite at 66.0°E. The footprint covers most of the African continent. Students interact with the presenter in the studio through the use of cell phone and web technology. 

The telematic platform is also available to external clients, 
who can use it to enhance their corporate training and professional development offering. 

The studio includes the following and can accommodate various setups:

    • ​A formal desk with overhead camera 
    • A formal desk with a live audience 
    • An informal setup for group discussions or interviews 
    • Lightboard recordings

Please direct your enquiries to: 

Hennie Roux 
Studio Manager 
Tel: +27 +21 808 2494 
E-mail: ​