Telematic Services
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Overview of Telematic Services

​​​​​​​​​The Centre for Learning Technologies strives to inspire the meaningful and innovative use of technology for learning at Stellenbosch University.​



A virtual learning space with live interaction and strong student support.

Fully interactive, with communication between students and lecturer via cellphone technology and academic support via postgraduate student portal.​

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Many programmes are currently presented on the platform, which increase the virtual mobility of postgraduate students living far from Stellenbosch University.​


  • Interactive broadcast studio
  • Mobile Camera Unit
  • Video productions
  • Multimedia design
  • Streaming/Podcasting
  • Media duplication
  • Online/Skype meetings​



There are 16 geographically distributed learning centres in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Uganda.

Students attend lectures which are broadcasted in real time from Stellenbosch by means of satellite technology.

Lectures can also be viewed via live Internet streaming as an alternative to attending them at a learning centre.​​


​Online booking system for:


  • Faculties
  • Centres
  • Divisions


  • Corporations
  • Education Departments
  • Government Departments​
A key aspect of Stellenbosch University's vision is for prospective students to have greater access to the institution – especially those who want to combine a professional career with further study to maximise their potential. In order to support students to become part of a critical mass of intellectuals, technology-enhanced alternative access routes to the University were set in place by Telematic Services. Telematic Services enhances the virtual mobility of students who are isolated geographically to broaden their participation in the postgraduate academic programmes of Stellenbosch University.

By supporting these students' virtual mobilitythe customary divide between face-to-face and off-campus educational opportunities are blurred, while the barriers often set by location and time are reduced. As such, an investment is being made to ensure that all students, irrespective of where they are, are given the experience of a rich, interactive and supportive study environment.  

Telematic education as an interactive learning system strives to transform the conventional higher education situation into a world-class ICT-supported learning environment. 

This flexible learning approach relies on a unique technology platform. Many postgraduate and short courses at Stellenbosch already utilise this integrated platform with great success to create virtual learning spaces as part of a blended learning approach. 

Staff members are appointed to assist students with services such as application and registration, supplying directions to the nearest learning centre, issuing student cards, disseminating learning resources, setting up examination centres and appointing invigilators, and making the exam results available electronically. These services are aimed at supporting students to complete their academic programmes successfully. 

Provision is also made to train lecturers to provide high-quality technology-enhanced learning experiences for their students. ​​

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This video clip shows images of Telematic Services, Stellenbosch University. It includes photographs of our facilities as well as the services we offer.​