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Telematic Services Booking System

​​​​​​​Bookings for 2014

Studio Bookings​​

​Phase 1

3-16 September 2013

The electronic booking system for 2014 bookings will be available for Stellenbosch University staff members to indicate their preferred ​times for 2014 bookings on the timetable.

Phase 2

17-30 September 2013

The electronic booking system will be closed for all bookings to compile the timetable according to the preferred times. If there are any overlaps, Danie Moolman will contact the relevant persons to suggest alternative times/dates.

Phase 3

1 October 2013

The electronic booking system will be available for any further bookings for the times that are still available on the 2014 timetable. During this period, bookings from external clients will also be accepted.

Please note:

• Cancellation after confirmation of a booking will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total studio costs.

• The electronic booking system is only available to university personnel. External clients must contact Danie Moolman ( or 021-8089090) for bookings.

• If you click on "Make a booking", you will be prompted for a username and password. Use your Novell username and password. If you experience any problems, contact Danie Moolman ( or 021-8089090).

Click here to make a booking.

Video Conference Bookings

Dear Client,

To ensure that your video conference runs smoothly we ask that you , if possible, book 5 working days in advance.

This allows us time to arrange a test call with the other party to minimize risks on the day of your video conference.

Thank you.

Click here​ to view the Video Conference document.