Maties Sport
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Vision & Mission

​​Maties Sport Vision:

“Drawing on tradition – imagining the future”.

Maties Sport Mission:

The mission of Maties Sport is to foster excellence in both the academic and sport performances of talented student-athletes, and to promote social cohesion and engagement in an active lifestyle among students and staff.

To accomplish this, Maties Sport aims to:

  • Develop the potential of student-athletes through the implementation of an evidence-based high performance programme
  • Develop student-athletes holistically through provision of an individualised academic support programme, including opportunities to engage with the broader community through participation in sport development projects.
  • Offer a variety of competitive club sport, “koshuis” sport and recreational opportunities.
  • Encourage all students and staff to participate in one or more of the sport, recreation and physical activity programmes offered under the auspices of the University.
  • Engage with the University’s academic community in mutually beneficial academic, research, community interaction and innovation projects.
  • Strive for excellence at all levels of operation (from leadership to management to coaching to sport participation) to be characterized by good sportsmanship, discipline, ethical conduct, equal opportunity, financial and social responsibility.​