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Biosafety & Environmental Ethics


The Research Ethics Committee: Biosafety and  Environmental Ethics (REC: BEE) is mandated by the Senate Research Ethics Committee under the Policy for Responsible Research Conduct at Stellenbosch University to review and approve research that is potentially hazardous to humans, animals or the environment. Such research may involve work related to recombinant DNA, pathogens and infectious agents, or biological toxins.


The committee is also responsible for providing guidance on practices to minimise health and environmental hazards related to biological agents used in research and teaching within the ​university community.  

Other responsibilities of the committee include:
  1. Review for appropriateness and adequacy of containment levels and safety measures proposed and/or used in research and teaching.
  2. Assess the adequacy of containment facilities for Biosafety Level 2, 3 and 4 agents and rDNA molecules as required by regulatory agencies.
All research involving genetically modified organisms or research that poses a risk to the natural environment or the researcher and supporting staff, must be submitted for ethical review and approval before the research commences. All SU researchers and lecturers are responsible for obtaining ethics approval for a given project or teaching activity before it commences.  Applications for ethics approval should be prepared in consultation with peers, the relevant Head of Department, and the REC's administration office.​

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