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Non-academic merit form

After thorough consideration of the data of the past few years' applications, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have decided to stop the use of the non-academic merit (NAM) form from its requirements for selection of applicants in selection category B1: “Current learners (grade 12) and applicants who have completed school", to its undergraduate programmes.

​While using the NAM form contributed to the selection of students who were involved in a wide variety of high school extramural activities, we do not foresee that the omission of NAM form will compromise applicants who participated in such activities in the revised selection process. The NAM form made provision to recognise an applicant's participation or achievement in non-academic activities in Grade 10, Grade 11 and/or Grade 12, allowing recognition for any of these three years preceding and including the year of application. The NAM form was developed in such a way to ensure that applicants did not have to compromise their academic responsibilities in order to participate in NAM activities. While these activities no longer contribute to the selection process, we would still recommend that students continue to participate in these activities to enrich their study experience.

The Faculty are exploring other standardised test options to supplement the selection of students into undergraduate programmes in the future.

For the 2020-intake however, applicants in selection category B1: “Current learners (grade 12) and applicants who have completed school" will only be considered based on their achievement in school as well as in the National Benchmarking Tests (NBTs).

Please visit and click on “Apply" > “Admission and Selection Requirements", for more information on the Selection Guidelines for each of the Faculty's undergraduate programmes. Enquiries regarding selection into one of these programmes can be referred to the selection office on or 021 938 9533 | 9580