Bursaries for which you can apply

Sports bursaries

A number of special bursaries are available for those who have excelled at sport. You may obtain further details of these bursaries from Maties Sport at 021 808 4642 or matiesport@sun.ac.za. The Sports bursaries are not included in the Bursaries and Loans Yearbook.

Maties Sport


Other bursaries (all included in the Calender)

A large number of general bursaries for study in any faculty, as well as bursaries for study in a specific faculty or department, are described in the Calender (Bursaries and Loans: Undergraduate) and are available to students who are academically deserving and/or financially needy.


Merit bursaries for first-year students

Merit bursaries are awarded according to grade 12 aggregates in the following categories of achievement:


You will be awarded a merit bursary if you obtain a grade 12 average of 85% or more (excluding Life Orientation) in the final exams. Merit bursaries are calculated as a percentage of the tuition fee by means of a sliding scale, with the smallest rebate for the lowest category (85%+) and the biggest rebate for the highest category (90%+). The rebate for the category 85% to 89,9% will be at least 40%, increasing in the following category.


Merit bursaries are awarded automatically; however, grade 12 learners who have taken their examination with a body other than a provincial department of education have to apply for a merit bursary.


Bursary loans for financially needy students

The University also offers bursary loans for needy students.  Remember: A bursary loan is not the same as a bursary.


bursary refers to money that you do not have to repay, except if you discontinue your studies. A Bursary loan (for example SU or NSFAS bursary loans) is money that you have to repay after completing or upon discontinuation of your studies.


Closing dates for applications: